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Designing a terrific web site is just the first step in the process of having a successful Internet presence. On line advertising, SEO, and marketing will help to make your web site more visible to your targeted audience. To maintain a lead in search engine results, your site will require regular updates. Updating your site also keeps your visitors coming back and interested in your products.

I will help you to strengthen your on line presence by working with you on logo design, color palettes, and font styles. I will help you to stand out from the crowd by creating an up to date, professional Internet presence.



My goal is to develop a working relationship with you to help me understand what your specific vision is for your site. What are the requirements you have in mind for your site? Your goals for your business as well as for your visitors.

User experience

I will organize your content, to create the structure of your site by grouping the information you give me, developing a navigation system that is consistent with the expectations of your visitors as well as adhering to the site design. Working together we can present an easy to use interesting site that meets your expectations and those of your visitors.


Once the goals of the website are clear, we transition from the discovery phase to the visual stage. This is the beginning of the creative process and the development of the user interface layout begins. During the visual design phase, the custom homepage design, inner page design, images and animation are approved.


Now we go into the development phase. This is when page layouts, SEO, style sheets, and templates are created to maintain consistency throughout the entire website. Applications, graphics and programming are optimized for fast loading of all pages.


After your great looking site is up and running there is still much to do to keep your site fresh in order to attract new visitors and to draw back the old ones . One of the most important tactics is to update the content often to keep your ranking in the search engines. Other tactics would be combining a landing page with an email marketing campaign, setting up a social media strategy, and of course ongoing web site maintenance.


Responsive Design

Responsive design is the newest in web technologies. A responsive website changes its appearance and layout depending on the device used to view it. Making the text larger and easier to read on a smart phone is done with a responsive design.

Mobile Design

With the dramatic increase in the use of smart phones and like devices, a mobile-friendly site is a must have. A mobile site is designed to fit on the small screens of smart phones and tablets. A mobile site should also be easy to use on a touch screen or regular screen.

Single Page Websites

Recently one page designs have become popular for some people. Usually the site has a simple design, and great graphics, that grab your audience’s attention right away and hold’s their interest. This could be the solution you are looking for.

Splash Pages

A splash page, sometimes referred to as a landing page is a useful way to attract people to your website. A splash page is used to entice people to visit your site, giving them just enough information to make them so curious about your offer that they click to view more.

Multi Column Layouts ( 3 column with animation layout )

Dividing your content into columns makes it easier for your visitors to read large amounts of content. Animations attract their attention encouraging them to read what you have to say.